Now available, innovative mobile domains called Tagtopics™,
hosted on the HI-FI platform.
They’re the perfect website companion.

Find out how the HI-FI experience is solving the biggest problems confronting mobile users today:
information choice overload, cluttered newsfeeds and irrelevant advertisements.

HIFI Individuals

For Enthusiasts

Listeners, Readers & Fans

Take control and customize your mobile experience by focusing on your interests, while harnessing the collective intelligence of other people with the same passions.

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HIFI Businesses

For Content Creators

Podcasts, Publishers & Music Labels

Directly monetize around a new mobile destination that your company or brand owns, where like-minded audiences share ideas, news and experiences.

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See life in HI-FI

Get inspired. Watch now.

HIFI Phone

No Algorithms.

No Clutter.

No Distractions.

HI-FI is revolutionizing the hashtag.

The hashtag has the power to become the world's new
URL. Members can own personalized hashtag sites
hosted on our platform for $2.99 a year.
These hashtag sites are called Tagtopics™.

Our mission is to be the converging force between the
mobile web and the app world, connecting people
through content and community in new ways never
done before.

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The next step in the
evolution of content

Why hashtags?

With mobile users spending less than 10% of their time on their mobile web browser, website owners, publishers podcasters, and content creators are being marginalized, pushed to either build expensive in-house apps or give up navigational control to the major social networks.

HI-FI enables them to regain control over how their content is accessed, consumed and monetized in mobile by way of the hashtag.

Hashtags are a way for people to communicate in their own zone, acting as the organizing feature of that one particular conversation. As a bold new collaboration tool, HI-FI harnesses the power and value of hashtags by putting them in the driver’s seat.

No other social discovery mechanism has the same speed, versatility and widespread adoption as the hashtag.

HIFI Hashtag

"The Hashtag is the new URL." - Chris Messina (founder of the Hashtag)

HI-FI Partners

  • Bonnier Corporation
  • Outside Television
  • Google
  • The Inertia
  • Rodale

Introducing the Tagtopic

Community portals to everything you love.

Like a .com destination, Tagtopics are unique community destinations

where you join and collaborate with brands and like-minded people around a specific topic.

Tagtopics feature curated news, LIVE video streams and interest-driven content from around the world.

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Entertain. Inform. Inspire.

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HIFI Collage
HIFI Social Curator

Be a Social Curator

A Social Curator finds, gathers, organizes and shares content that he/she considers most relevant on specific themes.

They are more relevant than algorithms in order to find the best content on topics that they are passionate about.

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HI-FI Marketplace

Benefits of owning your Tagtopics


Announcing HI-FI Marketplace -
Where your journey to creating a
Tagtopic community and becoming
a Social Curator begins.

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  • Complement your website - a low-cost mobile extension leveraging your RSS feed to auto-publish directly onto HI-FI and into member's feeds built on their interests.

  • Earn money - achieve Social Curator status and earn money from relevant native sponsorships placed within your Tagtopic community.

  • Build a loyal community - present your content in context to members interests, facilitating discovery and deep engagement within your Tagtopic.

  • Live Streaming - broadcast live, capture, and curate highly relevant video, driving a focused authentic community and targeted sponsorship interest.

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