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Your .com needs a #Tagtopic.

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Houston we have a problem.

Mobile users are spending less than 10% of their time accessing
web content through a mobile browser vs. 90% going through the
gates of today's leading social networks. Publishers and digital
influencers are losing control over how their content is accessed,
consumed and monetized in mobile. A problem facing many
content creators today.

HI-FI provides the solution.

Our mission is to be the converging force between
the mobile web and the app world, connecting people
through content and community in new ways never done before.

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HIFI Marketplace

Announcing Marketplace, an exciting new
service where businesses, content creators and individuals
create and buy their own hashtag site.

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Your .com needs a #Tagtopic

These hashtag sites are called
Tagtopics™ - community
destinations of curated news and
lifestyle content, uniquely organized by
category and topic, that flows into a
member's newsfeed filtered by
their interests.

The Perfect Website Companion

By transforming your web content into a
more relevant mobile newsfeed format
that members can follow in real-time,
businesses and content creators now
have a more seamless way to connect
with their ideal target audience and
directly monetize in mobile!

Get your Tagtopics™ hosted on our
network for only $2.99 each/per year.

Sign up now and your first Tagtopic is free!
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Automated publishing via RSS and Live streaming organically feeds all your content directly into your Tagtopic community.

Connect with your
Target Audience

Your content is presented in context to users' lifestyle-specific interests, facilitating discovery and increased engagement.

your Content

Generate direct advertising revenue via targeted native ads within your HI-FI community.

HIFI Formula

HI-FI Monetization Formula

  1. Earn revenue from ads served through Google's Native Express AdMob
  2. Earn revenue from exclusive ads sold by HI-FI sales which hit your Tagtopic Mopub
  3. Recognize substantial revenue for HI-FI ads you sell into your Tagtopic