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Information Overload

Liberate your newsfeed.

Everything you want, nothing you don't.

For Individuals


HI-FI started, as a way to help people filter and control the flow of information in their lives.

Gone are the days of a newsfeed overflowing with content you
don’t care about and being stuck in a zombie swipe, searching for
something interesting to stumble into.

HI-FI delivers all your news, lifestyle, social content
- organized by category and topic, in a simple, filtered, streamlined experience.


Hashtags are beat up, broken down afterthoughts. They get overused, and left to sleep outside in the rain. But we came along, put a ring on it, built them a house with a white picket fence, and gave them a new name with greater purpose.

Tagtopics are the future. It’s a new concept that combines content and community into valuable destinations. HI-FI is the platform that allows hashtags to do bigger, better things.

HIFI Hashtag

It doesn't matter WHO you know, it's about WHAT you care about.

Tune out today's social noise and instantly connect with what you care about.

  • HOME

    Create your ultimate newsfeed. See all the most recent posts in the Tagtopics you've joined. Fill your feed with everything that interests you.
  • Discover

    Explore new and engaging Tagtopic communities network-wide. Check out Featured, Spotlight, and related Categories.
  • Create a Post

    Collaborate and share relevant content from your favorite sites and apps. Live stream. Post links, photos, videos, and gifs.
HIFI Newsfeed
  • Tagtopics™

    Portals to everything you love. Topic-specific communities curated around shared interests and passions. Focused and authentic.
  • Categories

    Where Tagtopics live. Categories put your community in context, simplifying new content discovery.
  • Filter by Category

    Turn up the engagement level by tapping "All", or pick a specific category to dial-in and go deep.


A hashtag takes you somewhere.

A Tagtopic is that somewhere!

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Create & Live Stream on your Tagtopic™

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Owning a Tagtopic™

The HI-FI Marketplace is where you create and buy your own hashtag sites, called Tagtopics, hosted on our network for less than $3 per year.

Registration gives you the opportunity to share ad revenue with HI-FI, or to leverage your own ad relationships, subject to terms & conditions.

Join now to enjoy all the advantages of Life in HI-FI today.

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HIFI Tagtopic

Increase your Tagtopic stats
and get rewarded.

Tagtopic Rewards

Be a Social Curator

A Social Curator is the straw that stirs the drink.

A Social Curator builds each Tagtopic. A thought leader and tastemaker. A lifestyle enthusiast. A news hound. A storyteller. A creative conductor and social aggregator. A Social Curator, most importantly, is a creator. And not just of content. Social Curators create communities.

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