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Social Curators


What's a Social Curator?

A Social Curator builds, maintains and curates each and every Tagtopic community. A Social Curator might be a publisher, an original content creator – writer, photographer, filmmaker, journalist, artist – or they might be a remixer, editor, collector, sifter of existing content. Or maybe they do a little of both.

A Social Curator is the straw that stirs the drink. A thought leader. An expert. A gatekeeper and tastemaker. A lifestyle enthusiast. A news hound. A storyteller. A creative conductor and a social aggregator. But that’s not all. A Social Curator, most importantly, is a creator. And not just of content. The Social Curator creates communities.

That surfing Tagtopic community (#LiveTheStoke) you love so much? A Social Curator started it. That baseball Tagtopic group (#AroundTheMLB) you spend an hour on each day? A Social Curator spends twice as much time as that growing it. And that Music Tagtopic site (#SingerSongwriter) you live by? There’s a Social Curator who lives by it too. You get the idea.

A Social Curator gives us something to get excited about. And for that, we salute them because without the Social Curator we’d have nothing to talk, fight, gush, fawn, cry, obsess over.